Reflecting on and planning for the Affordable Care Act


I find this season, and especially this time of the Wolf Moon and presumed new beginnings, a great opportunity for reflection, recalibration and re-dedication to my various life goals.

How about you?

This week, I’m delving into insurance, figuring out how to incorporate some Affordable Care Act health insurance plan into my life.

Friends and family who’ve independently purchased health insurance policies have shared their experiences and opinions on this process, opinions ranging from enthusiasm for the cost and benefits of these plans to outrage over prices and limits of coverage.

One barrier I’m seeing (after the money part) is lack of information.

What do policies cover and what do they not?

What does each plan actually cost?

I expect to complete the process today and will let you know about my experience.

In the mean time ~ have you signed up for health insurance via the ACA? What was your experience?


After several tries with the website, I’ve decided to ask for some help using the phone. I’ve not been able to see how to compare specific benefits in one plan with another to evaluate which would be the most appropriate. Instead, I’ve been directed to various proprietary websites, where I’ll need to scroll through a PDF.

The best possible outcome in healthcare, whether insurance applications or information exchanged during doctor visits,  requires a persistent consumer.

Planning and Solitude


More than 20 years ago, I received a planning notebook/calendar as a gift. The sophisticated notebook came with an audio tutorial for new users.

One of the first lessons: Set aside time at the beginning and end of each day for planning and solitude.

In recent months, I’ve followed this morning-evening practice more consistently than ever.

Silence and reflection produce remarkable insights. In reviewing notes jotted on the pages over the years, I see growth as well as patterns, habits, if you will, which could yet be changed.