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Journalist and Michigan native.

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  1. I saw the link to I liked the quote on air. I don’t know if you know that President Kennedy had suggested a national park in each state of how the Indigenous People were living. This was done in conjunction with The Smithsonian. John Pahl, a local historian living in Allegan was approached. Michigan was a pilot state. Little John Lake was chosen near Allegan. When President Kennedy was killed, the project died with him. John Pahl is still alive. I have talked with him and heard the details. I would love to see him interviewed before he dies. He’s in his 90’s with his daughter living with him.

    I don’t know if you remember me. Annie Olson. Polymer clay shells. First marriage to a full blood Tlingit from Alaska. Founding member of the Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony. I am getting ready to publish about The Land. There Indian Land and their wisdom being the REAL GOLD. We killed the Keepers of this Gold for the wrong gold.

    You can reach me at My cell is 616-422-3729. Thanks for posting this

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